Congratulations! Your little one has arrived!! It’s time to capture this magical time with an in home newborn photography shoot!

I love casual lifestyle newborn photoshoot. Lifestyle baby photos are all about being relaxed at home and capturing those first precious weeks with your little one.

You probably are wondering how can you prepare your home and your family for your session. It’s not as hard as it sounds I promise! Here are some ideas below…

Choose your time!

The best time for an in home newborn session is during the daylight, and usually in the morning hours. I always suggest sometime between 9am – 2pm, since this gives us the best morning light, and it can often mean a well rested little bub!

Your home doesn’t have to be spotless!

Don’t worry about keeping your home super tidy. While we want to limit the clutter in the backdrop, some clutter is expected! It’s your home, and it’s supposed to look lived in. We can move furniture around if needed, and we don’t need a lot of space. We usually focus on the baby’s room and parents’ room. I do suggest making the bed and adding some cozy blankets and pillows for some texture and colour! 

What to wear…. neutrals are best!

When it comes to the outfits, for both parents and the newborn, I suggest keeping them neutral. Think creams, soft blues, blush, and grey. This way, the colours don’t reflect too much on the skin, and the focus can be on you all and not the outfits. I also suggest keeping some of the bedding in the crib lighter colors. But of course, if you love colour, that is fine as well! I love a pop of colour! Choose a few special outfits and have a few wraps available. I will often bring a wrap or two also, in case you need it, although I prefer to use your special items 🙂

Feed before the session

While this might make the newborn a little sleepy, it will also give us a happier little one! Don’t worry if you have to change or feed mid-session. The joy of doing the session in your home is that you can be comfortable!

Don’t worry about posing 

As a photographer, I focus my newborn sessions on capturing everything in the moment. I won’t pose or stage too much. I will just give you a few prompts to get comfortable, and let the love do the rest! I love to capture this moment in real time, with an intimate look into your beautiful family. For props, I leave that up to the parents. If you have any items you want to be used, we can absolutely include them!

Have a few outfits ready

I suggest having at least three outfits ready for the baby, in case there are some accidents, or they need to be changed.  I love to photograph your baby both swaddled and also in a cute outfit.

Most of all… Enjoy yourself and relax! It’s such a special time 🙂

I absolutely love photographing newborns at home! It’s such a pleasure to see these little bundles of joy and the love their families have for them!

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